Learn BSL

Are you eligible for some free BSL Level 1 training?

As part of our Big Lottery project CommunityID will be offering free British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 to anyone who takes part in our Free Deaf & Interpreter Awareness Training provided by this project.

The BSL Level 1 course is an accredited course and contains the three following modules:

Unit BSL 101 – Introduction to British Sign Language

Unit BSL 102 – Conversational British Sign Language

Unit BSL 103 – British Sign Language at School, College or Work


Benefits to you or your organisation:

  • The BSL Level 1 course is designed to enable you or your organisation to communicate with Deaf people in BSL with simple everyday language
  • The training will make you more confident in interacting better with Deaf people
  • Your employee or colleagues will learn how to utilise British Sign Language
  • Your organisation may gain a wider range of clients with your knowledge of British Sign Language
  • The BSL level 1 course will be open to your staff or yourself if you took part in the free Deaf & Interpreter Awareness Training, 


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If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us,

by telephone on 
or by email: