BSL Photography Project

We are pleased to announce that we are currently applying for funding for our creative project and reviewing the vocational programme of The BSL Photography Project. Keep an eye on our BSL Newsround for further information.

The BSL Photography Project was developed under the partnership of a professional & qualified photographer and CommunityID. 

The BSL Photography Project was created as a direct response to the lack of provision for both professional and aspiring Deaf photographers –  the partnership team had an abundance of concepts and projects.  All of which received interest in funding support and we were able to allow our team’s creative and vocational aspirations to be formally developed and secured. 

The work produced by members of the Deaf community continues to be instrumental in breaking down stereotypes, preconceptions and prejudices. Supporting and promoting true community cohesion which is at the heart of both CommunityID and CommunicationID’s philosophy and was the sole reason of this project to come about.

With this project we aimed to create job opportunities and work experience; as well as develop the creative mind of the participants. 

6 Deaf people per year were selected to follow our monthly vocational programme and develop their technical skills and conceptual and creative abilities.  

For more information or to enrol into our next BSL photography group please contact: